Ted Cruz Calls Out Hillary AND His Own Party During His Fiery CPAC Speech: “Talk Is Cheap”

Ted Cruz Calls Out Hillary AND His Own Party During His Fiery CPAC Speech: “Talk Is Cheap”

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is a legend amongst Tea Party and conservative groups for a reason: he boldy speaks the truth.

The Blaze detailed Sen. Cruz’s speech at CPAC this week and explained why the Tea Party senator is just so darn popular with conservatives who long for real leadership.


Ted Cruz, the junior Republican senator from Texas, received waves of standing ovations, cheers and whistles as he addressed the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference Thursday.

“Hillary Clinton embodies the corruption of Washington,” Cruz told the assembled conservatives. ”We need to run a populist campaign standing for the hardworking people of America.”

Looking forward to a “crowded race” for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, Cruz questioned his fellow Republicans.

“Talk is cheap,” Cruz said, challenging all those presidential hopefuls who pledge their conservative bona fides at CPAC to actually point to when they’ve “stood up and fought” for pro-life, pro-Israel, anti-illegal immigration issues. “If you have a candidate who’s stood up against Democrats, that’s great. When have you been willing to stand against Republicans?”

The “biggest divide” in America isn’t between Republicans and Democrats, Cruz said — it’s ”between career politicians in Washington and the American people.”

Fox News’ Sean Hannity took the stage to ask Cruz a few questions, among them, “What would be the top five items on President Cruz’ agenda?”

“Number one: Repeal every blasted word of Obamacare,” Cruz responded. “Number two: Abolish the IRS. Take all 125,000 IRS agents and put ‘em on our southern border.”

Cruz also pledged to limit the power of the Environmental Protection Agency and other regulatory agencies and restore America’s position of world leadership.

Cruz, who said he doesn’t see presumptive Democratic 2016 nominee Clinton as a serious threat, called upon the memories of Ronald Reagan and his own father to appeal to the assembled conference-goers.

“I am convinced 2016 is going to be an election very much like 1980,” Cruz said, noting that, ”Washington despised Reagan” just as the entrenched powers in Washington loathe Cruz.

Despite the opposition, Cruz cited the inspiration of his father, an emigrant from Cuba, who said, ”I’ve seen freedom taken away once, and I’ll die before I let it happen again.”

Sen. Cruz is right; Reagan was “to radical” for the White House in the early days of campaigning, but the conservative slugged-it-out with more-entrenched, establishment candidates and became a phenomenal leader. Hopefully, that electoral energy is alive and well today.

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