Ted Cruz SHREDS Smug NPR Host

Ted Cruz SHREDS Smug NPR Host

When Ted Cruz speaks, he makes good use of that time, and his recent visit with the NPR is no exception. The topic of Climate Control came up…and it didn’t take Cruz more than just a few minutes to CRUSH the opposing view, with actual facts, and a whole lot of common sense. It’s was magical….

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Senator Ted Cruz stopped by to chat with the folks at NPR on Wednesday, and the topic of climate change came up.

The interviewer challenged Cruz to give his take on the “broad scientific consensus” that humans caused the current climate change crisis. Cruz delivered an epic response. “I believe that public policy should follow the science and follow the data,” Cruz said. “In the debate over global warming, far too often politicians in Washington and, for that matter, a number of scientists receiving a large number of grants, disregard the science and data and instead push political ideology.” He then reminded the NPR host when — 30 or 40 years ago — liberal politicians and some scientists tried to convince U.S. citizens the problem was global cooling. The host conceded there was “a moment” when some people said that. Pat Gray shared his reaction to the interview during The Glenn Beck Program Wednesday.

“There was a moment!” Pat quipped. “It was much more than a moment. It was a decade!” In fact, as co-host Stu Burguiere pointed out, many of the exact same scientists became those now saying catastrophic global warming is coming. Citing James Hanson as an example, Cruz explained the data didn’t back up the theory of global cooling, so liberal politicians and many scientists switched their theory to global warming. The solution back then was the same as it is now — government control and intervention. When asked if he thought climate change was a conspiracy theory, Cruz succinctly replied, “No, this is liberal politicians who want government power — over the economy, the energy sector and every aspect of our lives.”

Stu added, “It’s not a conspiracy. It’s just [a case of] never let a crisis go to waste.” Cruz ended with his usual command of the media: “Among the Washington elite, global warming is very popular because it makes you feel good about caring for the world,” Cruz said. “But I’ll tell you, you know who I’m concerned about? I’m concerned about the single mom waiting tables right now, who for seven years of the Obama economy has been trapped in stagnation. Her wages have been stagnating. It’s harder and harder to make ends meet. And what the Washington elites are trying to do is double her energy.”

He has the intelligence, integrity, valor, and the best moral compass to be the President of the United States. A FAR CRY from the spineless puppet we have now.

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