Ted Nugent Releases Plan for Americans Everywhere to “Raise Hell” Against Obama…OH BOY

Ted Nugent Releases Plan for Americans Everywhere to “Raise Hell” Against Obama…OH BOY

Ted Nugent- you either love him or hate him. In truth, while his antics may seem extreme at times, he is absolutely 110% right on Second Amendment issues and our vile commander-in-chief who is an enemy of these United States. The rocker and activist recently wrote some bold truths in the wake of Obama’s anti-Second Amendment dictatorial edicts and they are epic.


In the wake of President Barack Obama’s recent pronouncement of more unilateral executive action on gun control regulations, he has received a significant amount of criticism, much of it steeped in defiance.

Rock star icon and outspoken Second Amendment advocate Ted Nugent posted his response to Obama’s gun control measures on WND, and his rant was epic.

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Calling Obama the “scammer in chief,” Nugent exposed how Obama’s actions will do next to nothing to prevent “gun violence” or mass shootings.

Nugent took issue with the term “gun violence” as well, pointing out how we don’t use a similar phraseology to describe criminal actions with vehicles, bricks, pipes, or hands and feet, though all of those take more lives per year than so-called “assault weapons.”

He also decried the constant plea from uninformed liberals that we must “do something” about gun violence, while all of their proposals are precisely the wrong things to do.

Nugent went on to note that while Obama intends to make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to obtain the weapons most effective in defending themselves and others from violence, he is simultaneously releasing convicted criminals from prison early, bringing in thousands of unvetted individuals from jihadist hotbed nations, supporting criminal-harboring sanctuary cities, and ignoring gun control laws already on the books that could be used to lock up repeat offenders and keep them off the street.

In response to Obama’s incessant efforts to implement stricter gun control, Nugent implored Americans to join the National Rifle Association and to “raise maximum hell” with their elected officials in order to stop Obama’s abuse of power.

In closing, Nugent reminded the gun grabbers exactly what a couple of key words from the Second Amendment really mean, i.e. “Keep — means its mine and you can’t have it,” and “Bear — means I’ve got one or two on me right now and they’re loaded.”

The right to keep and bear arms is a natural, God-given right that cannot be taken away by the government, and we must remain vigilant to all efforts at infringing upon that right.

It is a sad state of affairs that so many do not understand the Second Amendment. It is not a privilege; it is a constitutionally-protected right that requires no government approval or explanation on the part of citizens.

If we applied these same standards to the First Amendment, we would have revolted long ago.

Could you imagine obtaining a government permit to be allowed to speak freely? Yet, for some reason, we tolerate this level of despotism when we discuss the Second Amendment- the only amendment that explicitly states that the right shall not be infringed.

Good for Mr. Nugent for calling Obama out as the tyrant that he is.

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