Teen Girl Calls Father to Get Permission to Use Gun, Then Goes Toe to Toe With Home Invader!

Teen Girl Calls Father to Get Permission to Use Gun, Then Goes Toe to Toe With Home Invader!

For most parents, the idea of their teenage daughter being home alone when someone breaks in to rob them would strike fear into their hearts. But for the parents of 17 year-old Kimber Wood, they had nothing to fear — when someone broke into her house when her parents were gone, she was prepared.

In Spokane County, Washington, the incident started after a police chase went badly. The suspect had stolen a car near Wandermere at 5:00 in the morning and while police had set up a perimeter to try to catch the suspect, residents were still being warned to be cautious and alert about the potential threat.

Wood’s boyfriend and parents had both left for work that morning and her boyfriend ran into deputies on the way. He asked them about the manhunt and learned that the suspect was likely in the vicinity of Wood’s home, so he called her to warn her. She responded by calling her dad “and [asking] if she could grab one of his guns for protection.” He said yes, so she grabbed a handgun, placed it under her pillow and went to sleep.

When Wood woke up, it was to the sounds of someone in her house. At first, she tried to hide, not wanting to directly confront the suspect. But as she hid behind her vanity, she still came face-to-face with the potential robber… and Wood was not about to be intimidated. When the suspect walked up to her, Wood said that she raised the gun, pointed it in the suspect’s face and said, “Who are you? Get the [expletive] out of my house!”

Needless to say, Wood’s plan worked. She said that the suspect’s “eyes got really wide” and he took off, using her boyfriend’s ATV to leave. Deputies praised her for her bravery and foresight, and came to her house “to tell her what a great job she had done and that they were glad she was okay.”

It’s a good thing that Wood had access to a weapon. How differently would this story have ended if she didn’t have the means to protect herself?

By Right Wing News’ Cassy Fiano

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