Teen Girl Decides To Get Violent With Boy…So He BODY SLAMS Her Into A Concussion! – VIDEO

Teen Girl Decides To Get Violent With Boy…So He BODY SLAMS Her Into A Concussion! – VIDEO

A 15 year-old California girl thought that it would be a good idea to assault another person and is recovering after being body slammed by a boy in an altercation over a stupid teenager thing like – a phone. Apparently she suffered from a seizure after the impact of her head hitting the driveway pavement.


Now, usually my standards are to never hit a lady…but that’s not unconditional. First – you have to not only be a lady, but ACT like a lady. Second – do NOT put your hands on another person in anger, or to physically harm them. No one has the right to do it to you and neither do you. Third, and lastly – if you are a radical women’s rights activist and you are appalled at the result of this video, you are a hypocrite. Choose one side or the other and stick to it.

The incident is believed to have taken place on Sunday outside a house in Vallejo and was recorded on someone’s camera phone. The footage shows the girl, known as Holly Wrixon, in a dispute with a boy named Morgan Johnson, on a driveway encircled by other idiot teenagers.

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Wrixon is then seen all of the sudden trying to slap Johnson, as he backs away and tries his best to stop her swings, but eventually, he suddenly decides just to grab and judo flip her. The video, which was uploaded to YouTube countless times, displays Wrixon hitting the concrete hard, with Johnson landing right on top of her.


She is knocked out by the heavy blow for a short time and friend of Wrixon’s, also female, then start assaulting Johnson for I guess, ‘attacking’ her, all the while screaming and hitting him.

Johnson seems perplexed afterward and nonchalantly picks up his baseball hat that was knocked off during the flip. Many viewers online seem to have come to Johnson’s defense, claiming Wrixon was the one that was the instigator and assaulter. Some also said that she was ‘asking for it’.

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