Teen Tries to Jump from 14 Stories Up. He Has No Idea How Much It Will Actually Cost Him.

Teen Tries to Jump from 14 Stories Up. He Has No Idea How Much It Will Actually Cost Him.

When we’re young, we’re stupid. We believe we’re invincible. However, what needs to be stressed is the fact that sometimes, our stupidity can endanger others and we should be conscious of this fact. One young man will have to live the rest of his life suffering the consequences of his actions.


On August 16, Thomas Bennett’s friend was trying to jump out of a 14th floor window during a party at the University of Hawaii.

According to the Daily Mail, when Bennett tried to stop the 19-year-old from jumping, they both fell 14 stories.

Bennett, who was just 24-years-old, died as a result of his injuries from the fall. The 19-year-old, who’s name has not been released, was labeled in critical condition suffering two broken legs, a broken arm, a partially broken back, and internal bleeding.

Bennett’s mother, Lesley, tells the Daily Mail that despite the word “hero” being used so loosely, she truly feels that her son’s actions were heroic and that she is so “proud of Tom for his unselfish act in helping someone else.”

“I hope that young man will put his second chance at life to good use and in time, pay forward the caring and kindness that my Tommy gave to him so my son will not have died in vain.”

Bennett was born in the UK, but was raised in Philadelphia from the age of 14 years before moving to Hawaii to work in landscaping.

Tom Guillory, who hosted the party, tells the Daily Mail that Bennett is exactly the man his mom described as having a “caring personality.”

“Tommy cared about and loved a lot of people in his life, and he proved to me that night that he cared about other people more than he even cared about himself.”

Bennett is survived by both parents and four siblings.

This young man tried to help a young, foolish friend and paid a steep price. We should all be mindful of our actions and the consequences that can reach those around us.

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