Teenage Sex Slave Escapes Her Captor While He’s In Court

Teenage Sex Slave Escapes Her Captor While He’s In Court

By Right Wing News’ Sierra Marlee

Pro-Tip: If you’ve got a sex slave hidden in your basement, you probably shouldn’t leave for court. It’s nothing personal, but she might get out and then, you know, go to the police and sell you out.

Of course if you’re dumb enough to kidnap a teenager and force her to stay in your basement so you can have sex with her, you’re not likely to be smart enough to take my advice.

Luckily, there is one less scumbag on the streets due to his own stupidity and the bravery of one teenage girl.

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24 year-old Benjamin Franklin Hooks was holding a 19 year-old woman hostage in his basement and forced her to have sex with multiple strangers. She was occasionally forced into a cage and was made to wear a dog collar.

According to the complaint, the victim lived with the 69 year-old homeowner in his three family home to take care of him. Not long after she moved in, men started taking over the house and would use the house as their own.

This wasn’t the first time a woman who was being held against her will at a house was able to escape her captor, however.

From Breitbart:

Several other women held as sex slaves were also able to escape from their captors.

In 2012, a St. Louis woman escaped from her captor in Illinois after three years.

In May, a 17-year-old girl from West Africa was also able to escape from her captor in Sydney, Australia.

A few of the charges this waste of oxygen faces include: “battery, first-degree sexual assault, human trafficking, child abuse, second-degree sexual assault of a child and use of a dangerous weapon.”

Couldn’t have happened to a better guy, you know? I’m glad that the lady managed to escape and get to the police. Let’s hope that the judge throws the book at this barbarian.

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