Teenager trapped in the body of a 100-year-old due to rare genetic condition dies

This is sad.  Hayley Okines, a teenage born with a rare defect that gave her the body of a 100 year old (including arthritis and heart problems), passed away at 17.


A teenager suffering a rare genetic condition that gave her the body of a 100-year-old has died aged 17. Hayley Okines became well-known three years ago when she was part of a documentary about her premature ageing condition. She suffered from the rare disease progeria which ages the body at eight times the normal rate.

Progeria takes its name from the Greek word ‘proeros’, meaning prematurely old.It involves a mutant protein called progerin that accelerates physical ageing. There are around 74 known cases of the disease around the world and only four in the UK.

Hayley still managed to live four years longer than she was expected to.  Our prayers go out to the Okines family.

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