Ten Year Old’s Lemonade Stand Rescues Family from Financial Ruin

Ten Year Old’s Lemonade Stand Rescues Family from Financial Ruin

The De La Sala family was in a pretty tough spot. After a fire destroyed much of their Tampa, Florida home, they turned to a contractor to help rebuild their life. Unfortunately, the contractor took their money and ran, having never completed the job. Suffering financially, and emotionally, it seemed like there was nowhere left to turn. That’s when their ten year-old daughter, Alyssa, decided let her entrepreneurial spirit take over.

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In her wildest dreams, Alyssa De Le Sala never imaged this, a crowd so large at her Lutz Lemonade stand, officers had to direct traffic.

“It is amazing.”

A fire not only destroyed their home two years ago—but the family says a builder never completed the work, leaving them to pick up the pieces. Alyssa -heartbroken seeing her parents suffer.

“She took it upon herself to do something to help mommy and daddy, I don’t think she expected it to be anything like this either,” said Alyssa’s mother, Jenn De La Sala…

“We are so amazed, we knew we had a good community-but when you see everyone here it is overwhelming, incredible,” she said.

Alyssa has made close to $15,000 so far with the gofundme site and the lemonade sales today.

Here’s a link to the gofundme page: http://bit.ly/1EP9oYm

As for the contractor Davis Ventures, they have several judgments against them totaling $600,000.


Local businesses, individuals, and first-responders have flocked to the lemonade stand to help out the family in need. One customer even paid $1,000 for a single cup of lemonade. (I don’t think that’s the listed price, by the way.)

Ten year old Alyssa De Le Sala is getting a crash course in charity, compassion, and entrepreneurship. It’s often amazing how something as simple as a lemonade stand can bring out the best in people… And assuming that some regulation-happy bureaucrats don’t decide to put her out of business anytime soon, the De La Sala family might finally be able to put their troubles behind them.

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