Terrifying Video Shows Patient Running Through a Hospital Beating Staff With Metal Pole

Terrifying Video Shows Patient Running Through a Hospital Beating Staff With Metal Pole

Video from St. John’s Hospital shows Charles Emmet Logan, 68, beating several nurses with a metal pole, later identified as a metal bed post. According to the medical staff, Mr. Logan was “paranoid,” which could have possibly contributed to the attack. Luckily, nobody was killed in this attack, though four nurses were injured, with one suffering a collapsed lung.


More from The Daily Mail:

In what looks to be a horror movie come to life, a terrifying video shows as a hospital patient tears through a hospital attacking nurses with a large metal pole. 

Charles Emmett Logan Sr., of St. Paul, Minnesota, attacked multiple nurses over the weekend at St. John’s Hospital, running through the nurse’s station and hallways of the building as he violently swung a large metal pole at every person he came across.

In the end, four nurses suffered severe injuries, including a collapsed lung and broken wrist.

Making the entire incident even more bizarre, police were unable to subdue Logan when they located him three blocks away, and, according to KARE, three officers were needed to take him down after the probes of their Taser failed to attach and take him down.

Then, when they finally managed to get handcuffs on him, he suddenly died.

An autopsy has been scheduled.

‘Those familiar with Mr. Logan described a very recent change in which he became confused and periodically delusional,’ said the police department in a release.

‘Nothing in Mr. Logan’s past or more recent history indicates a tendency toward violence.’

One officer on the scene reports that Shane Perry, Logan’s lawyer, said the incident occurred after a family disagreement earlier in the day.

It is uncertain what exactly happened, but according to The Star Tribune, ‘there was a difference of opinion between Logan and his wife and daughter about his treatment — so much so that Perry sought an emergency order from a Ramsey County judge to protect his client.’

Logan told Perry at the hospital that he wanted to sell his house and give half of the money to his grandchildren, which he believes indicated that he wanted a separation from his wife.

The family then caused a scene until Perry left the hospital.

Officers were called roughly five hours later, shortly before 2 am when there was a report a man with episodes of confusion had suddenly attacked the nurses at the hospital.

The actual video footage tracks Logan as he goes from nurse’s station to the hallway, hitting anyone he can and not seeming to focus on any specific worker.

The nurses are caught completely off guard when he first appears, rushing to the door as he lands blow after blow.

‘It is fortunate that hospital personnel were not more seriously injured in the unprovoked attack,’ said Maplewood Police Chief Paul Schnell.

‘While what prompted the attack may never be known, we await completion of the Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s inquiry, which we hope might answer questions about Mr. Logan’s status for the sake of his family and all those involved in this incident.’

Having worked with behaviorally challenged residents, it’s never totally certain what will set them off. If this man had a history of paranoia that went largely untreated, it could have worsened over time until something stressful (like the family making a scene at the hospital) make him explode. I’m not stating this as fact, but as someone who has history with such behaviors. We’re going to have to wait until the autopsy has been completed to know for sure.

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