The 10 Most Influential Bloggers

The 10 Most Influential Bloggers: A while back, OJR had up an article that featured various people ranking the most influential bloggers. Well today, I’m putting up my list. No tech bloggers are included because I don’t read them and no left of center bloggers are on the list because I don’t read enough left-wing media to get a real sense of their influence. Here they are in reverse order…

10) Tim Blair: Tim Blair qualifies as a heavy hitter in Australia and is the only pundit who can actually induce American bloggers to talk about Aussie politics.

9) A Small Victory: Michele Catalano has a large following that stretches across the ideological spectrum. Moreover, she is so well liked in the blogosphere that she could probably get multiple links to her grocery list.

8) Scrappleface: It seems odd to put a humor blog on this list, but Ott has pull. His ‘Axis of Weasels’ phrase bled over into the mainstream media and his posts make Jewish World Review. Satire by Ott has more impact than editorials written by all but the most elite of the blogosphere.

7) Steven Den Beste: Den Beste is one of the, “Four Horsemen of the Ablogolypse” and his long posts reverberate across the blogosphere. He hasn’t broken out into the mainstream media like some of the other people on this list, but given that he has a unique style and is a better writer than the overwhelming majority of the writers out there, I think he will in time.

6) Lileks (James) The Bleat: James Lileks is perhaps the most gifted writer on the Conservative scene today after Mark Steyn. He’s a masterful wordsmith and he’s often quoted when he gets on a roll. He also has a syndicated column now that’s carried by Jewish World Review among other places.

5) Little Green Footballs: If you want to find out what Radical Islamists, terrorist sympathizers, & Islamo-Fascists of the world are up to, there is no better place on the net to go than Charles Johnson’s LGF….and people know it.

4) The Volokh Conspiracy: This page may not pull as much traffic as some of the other pages on this list, but it has an influential readership that pays attention to what Volokh has to say. Not only is Volokh a prolific updater, but the pride of UCLA’s law school can get his message out everywhere from Fox News to National Review.

3) The Corner: If everyone who read America’s most influential Conservative mag, National Review, read the Corner as well, they’d have first place locked up. But given that I don’t believe that’s the case, I think they only merit the three slot.

2) Instapundit: It’s almost impossible to overestimate the influence that Glenn Reynolds has in the blogosphere He has built up a mountain of goodwill and influence with his frequent links (and the traffic that follows them). Just to give you an example of the type of reach he has, I believe that Glenn Reynolds was the man primarily responsible for bringing down Trent Lott. Others spoke out as well and had an impact, but had Reynolds not flooded the zone and got the ball rolling, I believe Lott would still be the Majority Leader in the Senate as we speak.

1) Andrew Sullivan: Andrew Sullivan beats out Glenn Reynolds only because I think he has more of an impact on mainstream pundits and websites than Reynolds does. For example, I’ve heard Rush Limbaugh talk about things Sullivan has written multiple times and Lucianne, which officially does not allow links to blogs, allows Sullivan’s work to be posted. Sullivan’s work gets out to the big boys of journalism with massive readerships in a way that the other pages — with an exception perhaps being made for the Corner — can’t match.

Note: I consider Romenesko to be left of center and I don’t consider Taranto’s Best Of The Web Today to be a blog. Otherwise, both would have been included.

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