The 10 Most Watched Videos On Right Wing Video For April, 2009

From Right Wing Video,

10) Christian The Lion (If you haven’t seen this already, you should watch it now).

9) M1A1 Abrams Tank Runs Over A VBIED (carbomb)

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7) Knockout blow: local thug gets laid out.

6) Eliza Dushku bikini dancing from “The New Guy” (Hot)

5) Maybe Stephanie Should Have Been Shooting a Little Smaller Pistol…

4) Marriage Proposal Gone Wrong on Stage

3) Crazy: The Ultimate Compilation of Funny mistakes and Accidents

2) Idiot Jumps Off Roof: This moron has someone film him jumping down from one roof to another on a building. The only problem is his planning…

1) This is why you need a gun

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