The Top 20 Non-Eye Candy Links For Conservative Grapevine In April

From Conservative Grapevine:

20) Woman’s Day: The 7 biggest food product duds of all-time

19) AOL Money And Finance: 12 major brands that will disappear

18) The Corner: The best missing cat poster evuh!

17) Cracked: The 6 most depressing IMDB pages

16) Right Wing Video: Worst boxer ever. Even the commentators can’t suppress fits of laughter.

15) Cracked: 6 writers who accidentally crapped out masterpieces

14) Teh Resistance Blog: 101 freedoms and rights the progressive Left doesn’t want you to have

13) Cracked: The awful secrets of 25 famous cartoon characters

12) The TrogloPundit: The entire Madison, Wisconsin Tea Party counter protest in a single picture =D –

11) Sfist: This picture may be some sort of subtle hint that this tenant is a wee bit upset with his landlord.

10) Right Wing Video: Video: Cat’s bitter disappointment after sneaking up on pigeon. (This is great!)

9) Manofest: The top 10 celebrity perverts of all-time

8) Andrew Breitbart: Jon Stewart is a creep

7) Ben-Peter Terpstra: 20 conservative quotes from Hollywood you probably haven’t heard

6) Cracked: 5 massive hit songs that almost didn’t get released

5) Uphaa: 11 cool gadgets you won’t believe exist

4) Cracked: 17 more images you won’t believe aren’t photoshopped

3) Next Round: When prom goes bad: A photo essay

2) Zug: Big 3 sexual subliminal messages in Disney films

1) COED Magazine: Top 10 things from your 20’s that you’ll regret when you’re 40

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