The Brains Behind Clinton’s Email Scandal: Aide Set To Follow Her To The White House

The Brains Behind Clinton’s Email Scandal: Aide Set To Follow Her To The White House

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Cheryl Mills was Clinton’s Chief of Staff before becoming her legal counsel when Hillary’s email scandal emerged. It is said that Mills culled the emails deciding which to include on the flash drive to be handed over to the police. The brilliance of hiring Mills to be the lawyer was that it invoked attorney client privilege and Mills could NOT be questioned under the investigation.

The FBI were very aware of Mill’s role in culling the emails and that she had access to ALL Hillary’s emails and laptops. Campaign worker Heather Samuelson played a key role as she was the one following directions. She revealed to the FBI how she transferred the sent or received emails to the folder later handed over to the state. She also was hired as counsel for the Clinton’s giving her the privilege of keeping her own mouth shut.

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Last May, Mills was questioned by the FBI, but walked out after investigators began asking questions related to how the emails were handed over to the FBI. The lawyer Mill’s lawyer, Beth Wilson and the Justice Department had agreed those questions could not be asked on the grounds of attorney-client privilege. WHAT?!

Conservative legal advocacy group Judicial Watch filed a long-running public records lawsuit against the State Department over Clinton’s emails.
During a deposition in the civil case on May 27, 2016 Wilkinson again blocked a number of questions invoking the attorney-client privilege between Clinton and her client.

Every time one of these people who worked for the Clinton’s was questioned, attorney client privilege was invoked. Do you think it’s fair that the Clinton’s were allowed to hire everyone who they thought could incriminate them as their lawyers?

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