The YUGE Case for Donald Trump (Intellectual Froglegs)

The YUGE Case for Donald Trump (Intellectual Froglegs)

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RomneyObamacareAccording to the Establishment Republicans…the only reason Donald Trump is doing so well….is because there are so many ‘low-information” voters. Personally… I think they’re full of crap, and I intend to prove it.

So this multi-part series The Case for Donald Trump —is loosely based on “20 REASONS WHY IT SHOULD BE DONALD TRUMP IN 2016” written by the brilliant  A.J. Delgado, whose columns have appeared in Breitbart, National Review, American Conservative, Fox News, etc, AND she holds a juris doctorate from Harvard Law School. Did I mention…AJ is a girl?

Anyway…so while I may be one of the ‘low information voters’ ….AJ certainly is not.

Now keep in mind, these Establishment types, aka RINOS….are the same people that forced loser Mitt Romney on us in 2012—the same Mitt Romney that just publicly took credit for playing a major role in Obamacare.

The establishment and many in the media actually call this guy a ‘conservative’…with a straight face. But don’t forget, this is America 2015—and definitions are now subjective.

600x40512Anyway, before this loser, they gave us another loser in John McCain….  who is pictured here with George Soros.

Even George W. Bush (who you may recall preferred the term “compassionate conservative’ which actually means ‘big spending progressive’), who despite winning twice—only won the popular vote once.

If left up to these guys, Hillary will be our next president…because inside the beltway—there is only ONE party—The Government Party.

Oh…and these are the same people that fought tooth and nail to derail Ronald Reagan’s 1980 campaign.

ReaganBush460Prior to receiving the political gift of a lifetime to serve as Ronald Reagan’s vice president—Bush 41 was one of Reagan’s political opponents—and because as president he chose to abandon the Reagan philosophies – and do as told by the establishment…his ass was kicked out of office after only one term.   Read my lips—no more Bushes.

But Bush 41 was a loyal party guy… just as Bush 43 was…. and as the Bush family remains today.

Well, the American people have caught on to the shenanigans of their political shell games— and we’re tired of it.

They are the reason Barack Hussein Obama won a second term….and we’re tired of losing not just elections, but we’re tired of losing America.


Anyway… this episode or Part One is jammed full of compelling facts as to why Donald Trump should without a doubt be the next president of the United States of America.

And none of these reasons have anything to do with Donald being a reality show star.

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God bless….

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