THE GOP didn’t take letter to Iran far enough

I’m writing this post in response to Washington Post columnist Colbert King who manages to ignore a key issue—Iran getting nuclear weapons.

For the past few days there’s been a lot hand wringing over a letter sent to Iran by 47Republican senators while the U.S. and other countries are engage in nuclear talks with Iran. Words like “disrespect”, “traitors”, and undermining a president by conducting a separate foreign policy have been alleged. I won’t bother to give a laundry list of Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy and other Democrats doing the same kind of things much activity than just sending a letter to a foreign leader.

All this feign outrage is just a distraction from what’s really important—Iran getting nuclear weapons.

But see how Colbert relies on distraction nonetheless:
Here’s the point: My strong objection to Republicans’ treatment of Obama is not based on ideology and certainly not on any personal relationship. Obama doesn’t know me from Adam. I’m fuming because of the ongoing, irresponsible, disgraceful Republican attempts to undermine this president.

This is a dangerous world. Too much is at stake.

I agree Mr. Colbert, it is a dangerous world. And President Obama wants to make it more dangerous by allowing Iran to have Nukes. Candidate Obama said in 2007 that Iran getting nuclear weapons would be a game changer. But, it turned he was lying all along to get elected just like he lied about his position on Gay marriage and how people can keep their doctor. The Iran lie may be his biggest and most dangerous because it puts the lives of thousands if not millions at risk.

Colbert continues:

Reaching an international and enforceable agreement on Iran’s nuclear program is in the national interest. Cynically using Israel to make war on the Obama presidency is not. It is an obscene Republican abuse of power. Chief Justice Taney, I suspect, would approve.

I think a president that picks and chooses which laws to enforce, a president that changes laws via executive order, a president that seeks to make an agreement with a foreign power to acquire nuclear weapons without Congress, a president that considers the U.S. Constitution a document of negative rights the biggest abuser of power there is. How can you disagree with that Mr. Colbert?

The stakes are bigger than the feelings of one president who doesn’t hesitate to hide behind the cloak of his own race to shield him from criticism. I don’t care if Obama was Black, White, a woman, Gay, transgender, ot from the planet Krypton. Any person who flaunts our laws the way he’s done might expect a reaction from the American people. And these 47 senators are reacting in kind to this type of president.

Iran should not have nuclear weapons under any circumstances! To entertain any debate that’s contrary to that is insanity.

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Samuel Gonzalez

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