The Top Ten Reasons We Haven’t Heard From Bin Laden

The Top Ten Reasons We Haven’t Heard From Bin Laden: RWN reader Marc Pruter saw our
Top 10 al-Queda Excuses For Why We Haven’t Heard From Bin Laden Since Tora Bora article and decided to do a sequel…

10) He’s dead! He went to heaven on the wings of angels after his strike against the Great Satan.

9) He’s holding out for sweeps week.

8) Until Fox stops it’s liberal bias based news coverage, he’ll wait for a more objective portrayal.

7) Osama is observing Rammadan for the next two years to show his devotion to Islam.

6) Of course you’ve heard from him, he’s releasing albums under the name Eminem.

5) He’s spending time with his family, all 200 of them.

4) Distancing himself from the infidel Saddam Hussein is taking longer than he planned.

3) He’s reading the Koran for the first time to censor the “peace passages” he’s heard so much about..

2) Trying to get Cochran to return his calls. If he got poor innocent OJ off . . .

1) Preparing his next big strike against the economic power of Luxemborg!

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