The White House and Soros-Backed Open Borders Group Strategize About Bribing Immigrants To Naturalize Before 2016

The White House and Soros-Backed Open Borders Group Strategize About Bribing Immigrants To Naturalize Before 2016

In keeping with their tradition of subverting American sovereignty, the Obama administration is cooperating with a Soros-backed group who aims to bribe immigrants to naturalize before the 2016 elections. The Daily Caller reports:


Last week, the White House Task Force on New Americans held a briefing at the Soros-funded, pro-open borders Migration Policy Institute to push its new “Strategic Action Plan on Immigrant & Refugee Integration.” The Task Force, which seeks to ramp up naturalization rates among non-citizens, grew out ofone of the dozen bombshell memos dropped on the American public after the midterms last year. Although barely discussed, it may be the most important memo released that day, even more so than Obama’s twin amnesty programs and the ‘New Priorities on Deportations’ memo which rewrote the Immigration and Nationality Act.

The new Task Force is chaired by White House Domestic Policy Advisor, Cecilia Munoz and its representatives include almost everyone from Obama’s cabinet. Munoz was previously vice president of the National Council for La Raza (or “the Race” in English), an organization that reportedly encourages illegal aliens and non-citizens to vote, pushes for “Reconquista” of the Southwest, and whose founder once advocated for the mass murdering of white people. Still, the group manages to receive millions of your tax dollars annually.

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The initiatives to increase naturalization rates reported in the Action Plan are costly, especially for an agency like DHS (the main agency involved), which apparently doesn’t have the resources to deport illegal aliens. Among other things, the report says DHS will launch a “comprehensive media campaign targeting major media markets in California, New York, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, Illinois, Massachusetts, Virginia, Washington, and Arizona.” It will spend $10 million on a “citizenship preparation program in communities across the country.” Also there are plans to “collaborate with the private sector to promote the importance of citizenship and provide information on the naturalization process.” Perhaps most strikingly, there’s an expansion of USCIS’s fee waiver program for applicants. Paying a fee to become a citizen is “often cited as a barrier,” according to the report. Whether it is or not, this $680 freebie from the Democrats will make new citizen-voters happy.

What’s scarier is the timing of the package. The various programs will come online well in advance of the 2016 elections. According to Rick Oltman, formerly of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, there are 13.8 million legal permanent residents (LPRs) in the country and in the 20 states with the most, there are 14 Senate races in 2016, eight of which are Democrat and six of which are Republican — the latter include former Gang of Eight members, Senators Marco Rubio and John McCain.

This is, tragically, what we have come to expect from the most crooked administration this nation has ever seen.

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