The World Made Her a Laughingstock Thanks to This Photo, But One Man Refused to Be Part of the Cruelty

Amanda Maxfield ran errands in her doorless van because she couldn’t afford repairs.   The Internet saw a photo of this and thought it would be funny to make fun of her.  One complete stranger did not.


Now a stranger has stepped up to help, WRAL reports: “’I just cried,’ Maxfield said. ‘I could not believe that somebody out of the kindness of their heart would help someone like that they don’t even know.’”

The Good Samaritan, James Barber, told Fox 17 news: “You don’t beat somebody when they are down on the ground like that. Instead, when someone is down like that, instead of looking down on them, you know, try to help them out.”

And with that, the stranger repaired the door of her van.  Maxfield says she can’t wait to pay it forward.

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