This Former Tennis Champion UNLOADS on Obama

This Former Tennis Champion UNLOADS on Obama

It’s always refreshing when a celebrity understands Obama’s true agenda. Hollywood and the world of professional sports is rife with Leftists and Progressives blindly following the Liberal party line. But not this sports star. Read on to see what one of tennis’ greats has to say about our President and his policies.

Former tennis champion Jennifer Capriati just gave President Obama a backhand he won’t soon forget.

The Olympic gold medalist and 3-time Grand Slam winner unleashed a tirade at Obama and the entire administration Friday wondering if the president is intentionally trying to destroy the country in the wake of the San Bernardino terrorist attack, stunning liberals online.

Whoa. This comes as a surprise from the previous non-political Capriati. She had more…much more.

Jennifer then took a shot at Obama’s “climate change” obsession, before calling for Americans to unite:

Right on, Jen! When even formerly tuned-out celebs are starting to get it, there is hope for us all.

After Obama’s ridiculous radio address this morning ignoring Islamic terror and blasting the 2nd Amendment, Capriati returned to Twitter, to cleverly turn Obama’s gun control riff against him:

Thank you for the common sense and your boldness in proclaiming the truth, Ms. Capriati. We are inspired by your fearlessness both on the tennis court and in the court of public opinion. Truth is always the hallmark of a real champion.

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