This Little Boy Went to See Santa. What Happened Next? I Have Chills..

This Little Boy Went to See Santa. What Happened Next? I Have Chills..

Santa asked this little boy what he wanted for Christmas, and his reply is enough to make anyone with a beating heart feel this child’s compassion for others…

For children, Christmas time can so easily become all about the presents.

But Prestyn Barnette didn’t ask Santa for the typical things a four-year-old would.

During a visit to the Dutch Square Mall in Columnbia, SC, little Prestyn took it upon himself to ask for some divine intervention, hoping that a prayer from Saint Nicholas might help.

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Why the little boy felt the need for such a selfless request? He explained that he wanted a Lionel train set and miracle for Baby Knox.

Baby Knox is 2 months old and on life support. According to WIS, Prestyn learned about baby Knox through a prayer group his grandmother belongs to on Facebook.



Knox’s father had found him unresponsive in his crib. The beautiful baby boy had stopped breathing.

It was reported that Knox’s father performed CPR on his tiny body until EMS arrived at their home, and after being transported to a local hospital, Knox was transferred to a children’s hospital in Las Vegas, where he remains today.

It is not surprising that from the mouth of a child we are reminded of the true meaning of Christmas. This young man is started in the right direction…a little hope for the future.

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