This Ohio Sheriff Is Declaring War On Illegal Immigrants And The Employers Who Hire Them

This Ohio Sheriff Is Declaring War On Illegal Immigrants And The Employers Who Hire Them

Sheriff Richard Jones of Butler County in Ohio has about had it with illegal immigration and the employers who illegally hire them.

Jones went on MSNBC and told bed-wetting liberal Chris Hayes (also known as Rachel Maddow’s twin) that he would deport the American employers who hire illegal immigrants if he was allowed to.

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Here’s some of the transcript and the video below:

“We have heroin, we have cocaine, we have meth, we have marijuana coming in from Mexico,” he said. “If I have one person that’s raped, killed, car crashes where they leave the scene, that’s too much.”

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He was debated by activist Gaby Pacheco, program director of, who said employers need immigrants, though she left out the word “illegal.”

“Our country needs the labor of immigrants,” she said. “America is America, it’s the nation it is, because of its immigrants.”

Not surprisingly, Jones didn’t share her opinion.

“It’s not the American dream to go to work and these employers take advantage of you,” he told Hayes. “They work you, they fire you, they abuse you, you get hurt in your job. Then they go to the hospitals and we all have to pay for it.”

Pacheco did not even have a shot debating Jones, as she is 100 percent wrong to begin with when she claims the country is a ‘melting pot’ for all types of people.

To the contrary, this country is by no means a melting pot for individuals who arrived here illegally and even those who have gained citizenship unjustly through a twisting of the 14th amendment.

Nice try. Folks like Jones and millions of others aren’t buying it though.

John Binder

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