This Real Hoverboard Can Be Yours If You Have $20,000 To Experiment With

This Real Hoverboard Can Be Yours If You Have $20,000 To Experiment With

Have you always wanted to take-off on a hoverboard like Marty McFly? Well, if you’re well-off financially, you can get in on a new design that just might be the wave of the future. However, as currently the hoverboards go for $20,000, I might just wait until they’re in mass production.


Rolling out not quite practical “hoverboards” is becoming the new way to draw attention to your product, but this one is so well done it deserves a serious look.

Created by New Mexico-based Arca Space Corporation, the ArcaBoard is powered by 36 high-powered electric ducted fans and has a built-in stabilization unit.

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Offered in beige, green and blue, the hoverboard’s ride time depends on the rider’s weight. Riders weighing up to 243 pounds (using enhanced thrust) get only three minutes and riders weighing up 176 pounds (using long endurance mode) get about six minutes. A separate charging unit, which costs $4,500, can recharge the hoverboard in just 35 minutes.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that each fan on the hoverboard is covered by a thin protective grill. But it seems like if you covered one of the fan ports with your foot (easy, due to the limited foot space) your hovering experience might be impacted. Oh, and then there’s the price: $19,900. Youch!

But if you’ve got a spare $20k sitting in your bank account for experimental tech, those details probably won’t worry you too much.

There are several companies and private start-ups working on hoverboard technology. I don’t know when they will become mainstream enough to pick one up at Wal-Mart, but it is certainly exciting to see the different design ideas that are emerging this year.

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