THIS State is Putting Americans First With This Brutal Punishment To Employers Who Hire Illegals

THIS State is Putting Americans First With This Brutal Punishment To Employers Who Hire Illegals

This State is cracking down on businesses that continue to hire undocumented immigrants. They are setting in place some pretty serious consequences, and raising the bar for other States to put Americans first too!


The proposal would make Indiana’s penalties among the toughest in the nation.

Senate Bill 285 would allow a judge to strip employers of their business license if they “knowingly” hire undocumented immigrants three times.

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State Sen. Mike Delph, R-Carmel, says he introduced the measure to “take away the jobs magnet and remove the financial incentive of unscrupulous business people who profit off of illegal immigration.”

Jon Feere, a legal policy analyst at the Center for Immigration Studies, said the legislation imposes “high stakes” on employers. He said it likely would spur more businesses to use E-Verify—the government database that matches an employee’s I-9 form to federal records for confirm legal eligibility to work.

To that end, Feere told The Daily Signal, the bill effectively would discourage illegal hiring practices because employers who use the federal registration system would be immune from prosecution. He said:

Ultimately, that’s a good thing for employers who are law-abiding since they will no longer have to compete with unscrupulous businesses that get work and sales by undercutting wages. It’s also a good thing for legal workers and taxpayers, who will likely see illegal immigration deterred from Indiana.

Indiana law currently requires that state agencies and public contractors use E-Verify. Private employers only need to enroll if they would like to qualify for specific tax credits on state income taxes.

Although the bill could be effective in encouraging businesses to use E-Verify, Feere said, it may be more effective for state legislators to simply mandate that all employers use the system.

Remove the incentive, and just maybe they will stop risking their life to get here, and the ones here will self deport. Wishful thinking?

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