This Walmart Shopper Gets Hurled By Her HAIR By Customer Who Said She’d Cut The Line

This Walmart Shopper Gets Hurled By Her HAIR By Customer Who Said She’d Cut The Line

Black Friday hasn’t even begun and this year’s shopping is already off to a crazy start. When a woman allegedly cut in line at a Walmart, another woman reacted as any crazy person would: she threw her by the hair. The insane incident was caught on video and police are still looking for the nutcase.


A violent attack occurred in an Ohio Walmart on Friday afternoon after a woman accused another customer of cutting her in the line.

‘She grabbed me and she was like wham! I mean she slammed me hard,’ the victim Deanna Kenworthy told Fox of the unexpected strike.

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Kenworthy said she’s never met the woman before in her life. She told Fox that she was waved back to customer service after filling out paperwork to finish a transaction so as not to hold up the line when the unidentified woman rammed her cart into her back.

‘I don’t know this woman from Adam,’ Kenworthy said. ‘I don’t know where she came from I don’t know where she lives.’

Kenworthy went on to describe how the verbal confrontation turned into an attack.

‘I said, “Sorry, I don’t have time for this,” so she grabs the back of my hair and throws me, I mean literally throws me like a sack of potatoes,” she added.

‘When I landed I hit my back and my elbow and busted my head and then when I tried to get back up she kicked me back down,’ Kenworthy lamented.

Greenville police are looking for the suspect who was escorted out by a Walmart security guard.

‘There was no reason for her to do it, ‘said Greenville Police Officer Morrisa Reed, who took the report.

‘She just did it because she thought the woman cut in line.’

Greenville Police said that Walmart employees and two children were in awe as they watched the bizarre violent encounter.

‘There were two children there, they were in a grocery cart and they were crying, people could hear the woman shouting,’ said Officer Reed.

Police have released the surveillance footage and are asking anyone who might recognize the woman to come forward.

‘Fighting over a line is like a 10 year old fighting in a lunch line,’ Kenworthy said. ‘We are adults here.’

Walmart told police that the customer was at the store one day earlier and also rammed her cart into a shopper she thought was cutting her in line.

I understand the competitive nature of bargain shopping, but come on- no Walmart bargain can be worth committing a series of petty assaults.

This woman needs to get a grip (and not on somebody’s hair).

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