This Week In Quotes: May 1 – May 7

As the left continues to lecture conservatives about their political future — because, after all, Dems have been fully in charge for 100 days now — let’s recount a couple of facts: The Iraq war was supported by more than 60 percent of Americans. Polls showed wide-ranging support for the Patriot Act. Jimmy Carter was once president.

What’s beloved today may be reviled tomorrow. Americans are a fickle bunch. — David Harsanyi

It’s kinda nice to pay a ton in taxes to have something real to complain about instead of being a hippie and whining about nothing. — Frank J.

While terrorists need not fear any violation of their constitutional rights, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies will not be so fortunate. — Dick Morris

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Obama’s having trouble finding a church. It’s because whenever he wants to get worshipped, he just calls a press conference. — Red State Update

We didn’t used to be a place where it was necessary to remind people that we are not Zimbabwe or Venezuela. But we’ve crossed that line already. — Glenn Reynolds

That President Obama has made “empathy” with certain groups one of his criteria for choosing a Supreme Court nominee is a dangerous sign of how much further the Supreme Court may be pushed away from the rule of law and toward even more arbitrary judicial edicts to advance the agenda of the left and set it in legal concrete, immune from the democratic process.

Would you want to go into court to appear before a judge with “empathy” for groups A, B and C, if you were a member of groups X, Y or Z? Nothing could be further from the rule of law. That would be bad news, even in a traffic court, much less in a court that has the last word on your rights under the Constitution of the United States. — Thomas Sowell

All you moderates out there, y’all come. I mean, that’s the message. The message of this party is this is a big table for everyone to have a seat. I have a place setting with your name on the front. Understand that when you come into someone’s house, you’re not looking to change it. You come in because that’s the place you want to be. — Michael Steele

It’s grand to be a member of the Grade Ten “Save Darfur” campaign, not so good to be back in Darfur wondering when the actual saving’s going to start. If “Never again” now means “Bake sales against genocide,” we’re all doomed. — Mark Steyn

It isn’t silent majorities that drive things, but vocal minorities,” the Canadian public intellectual George Jonas recently wrote. “Don’t count heads; count decibels. All entities–the United States, the Western world, the Arab street–have prevailing moods, and it’s prevailing moods that define aggregates at any given time. — Mark Steyn

The theater of thoughtfulness is critical to the president’s success. He has the knack of appearing moderate while acting radical, which is a lethal skill. — Mark Steyn

The Democratic Party owes George Bush an apology.

The Democratic Party owes Dick Cheney an apology.

The Democratic Party owes Don Rumsfeld an apology.

The Democratic Party owes Condi Rice an apology.

Here is why: Democrats do not want to shut Gitmo down. After smearing the Bush administration for 6 years over Gitmo, Democrats are keeping the joint open. — Don Surber

Under Arnold Schwarzenegger, the best governor the states contiguous to California have ever had, people and businesses have been relocating to those states. For four consecutive years, more Americans have moved out of California than have moved in. — George Will

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