She Thought It Was Just a Bug Bite… Then She Pulled THIS Out

She Thought It Was Just a Bug Bite… Then She Pulled THIS Out

It had been awhile already that this lady had been suffering, until finally she said that enough was enough. She grabbed some tweezers and decided to take matters into her own hands with the “thing” lodged in her leg…THAT is when this happened.

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When she finally got it out, she realized that what looks like a parasite had been feeding off her for a long time…

Ready to end the dull pain, Shannon grabs her tweezers and pulls the brown, scab-like creature from her body. After more than a minute, the bug leaves behind a small hole in her skin.

Some user comments include:

“You should go quick to the doctor because the ticks can provide you with the lyme syndrom (sic) what is it a very brutal sickness…Belive (sic) me my mom get blinded by a tick bite :/“

“Looks just like dead tissue….what dead monster. Anyways looked like such a relief to get it out.”

“Classic example of a dilated pore of Winer. Basically a monstrous blackhead. Good thing you got rid of it!”

“Who else kinda hopes they get this just so that they can take it out cuz its so satisfying”

I’m sure for those that really love these videos, this one did not disappoint!

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