Thousands Of Bikers Show Up To Funeral For 5 Year-Old Who Loved Motorcycles

Thousands Of Bikers Show Up To Funeral For 5 Year-Old Who Loved Motorcycles

Not all who ride Harleys are brawlers and outlaws. Many are well-respected members of their community and they often come together for good causes such as charity events. When a little boy who loved motorcycles died, thousands came together to pay respects to the boy and his family. The event, though tremendously sad, hopefully brought some comfort to the family.


Thousands of bikers drove in a funeral procession to pay their respects to a 5-year-old boy who loved motorcycles. Hunter Weiss’s life was commemorated by the entire community of Magna, Utah, and beyond with the surprising turnout.

The idea came from Hunter’s father, who asked some of his friends in a motorcycle club to ride in the funeral procession to honor Hunter’s love of motorcycles. Word of the procession quickly spread on social media and on Saturday morning, thousands of bikers showed up.

“We expected maybe 100, 200 bikes,” Hunter’s aunt, Kara, told ABC News. “Over 2,000 bikes came.”

The motorcyclists followed the procession to the burial grounds, where they paid their respects at the casket.

“The amount of bandannas that were on his casket was amazing,” Kara said.

Hunter passed away on March 7 after a truck accident at his grandparent’s home, according to Greater Salt Lake Unified Police Detective Chuck Malm.

“We appreciate all the respects and condolences we’ve gotten,” Kara said.

She added that the tribute was “pretty emotional. It was amazing. I don’t know how to describe it. Unreal.”

Though we often think of Hell’s Angels when we hear about motorcycle enthusiasts, there are thousands upon thousands of good, honest motorcyclists in the U.S. who ride with others and craft a feeling of comradery.

These men who came from all over to pay respect to a little boy who enjoyed their hobby is a terrific example of the kind of good they can do.

God bless them and God bless this little boy’s family in this terrible time of sorrow.

Cont. Allie Jackson

Posted by Cassandra Fleury on Saturday, March 12, 2016

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