Thug ‘Pledges Allegiance to Allah… What He Does Next? HORROR

Thug ‘Pledges Allegiance to Allah… What He Does Next? HORROR

20-Yr old Florida man, after claiming to have pledged his allegiance to Allah, purchased a shot gun. Then he told a friend what he planned to do with that shot gun…and that’s what makes this story, terrifying. This is the reality of what we are dealing with in this day and age of Obama’s America…


According to the Miami Herald, Enrique Dominguez, a Muslim man from Kendall, Florida, bought a shotgun and told a co-worker he intended to take his new gun to work and kill his fellow employees and his supervisor.

Dominguez also claimed he was going to perpetrate his mass killing dressed as a comic book character.

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“I will dress up as the Joker from the ‘Batman’ movie and bring the gun to work during my break,” the suspect told a co-worker, according to a police report. Reportedly, Dominguez has a tattoo of the Joker on his shoulder.

Dominguez was arrested and accused of aggravated assault. A Miami-Dade judge ordered Dominguez to post a $5,000 bond and placed him on house arrest pending a trial.

Police also say Dominguez showed his co-worker Islamic State execution videos, and told his co-worker he had sworn allegiance to Allah.

Police searched Dominguez’s home and discovered a clown mask, knives, gloves and plastic wrap. There are also photos of the suspect dressed as the Joker and wielding a large knife posted to his social media accounts. Another photo showed him posing with 15 combat knives.

The Miami-Dade Police Homeland Security Bureau reported they were warned that Dominguez had “expressed an intent to become radicalized,” leading to their investigation.

The suspect’s attorney insisted that Dominguez was “a good kid.” The attorney added, “This may have been some Internet lashing out when you get frustrated with someone and you post things on the Internet.”

But the judge in the case replied, “I’m absolutely convinced, there’s no argument you could make to me at this juncture that could change my determination.”

It does not matter what a “good kid” this man is…the world has changed. You just don’t say bomb on a plane, period. ….because what if, his intentions to spread terror are true? Is anyone willing to take that chance? Liberals, sit down…you don’t count.

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