Thug Savagely Punches 12 Year-Old in the Face… Then THIS Happens [VIDEO]

Thug Savagely Punches 12 Year-Old in the Face… Then THIS Happens [VIDEO]

A gut wrenching video surfaced on YouTube showing a boy with brass knuckles throwing a cheap shot at a 12 yr-old boy, then continuing to beat the boy in the face while he was unconscious on the ground. This thug gets the cheap shot of the year award for pulling off this garbage without mercy. He should probably start packing, because this better be getting him some jail time.

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From LiveLeak:

Millsaps is seen in the 23-second video flipping off the camera while wearing a set of brass knuckles on his left hand before punching the 12-year-old boy in the face. The attack occurred May 31 at a walking trail in Conway, according to a probable cause affidavit.

The victim told authorities he did not know Millsaps.

Officers learned of the incident when a witness’s family member brought the video to the Conway Police Department on June 1. When officers spoke with the victim, they noted his right eye was bruised, there was a cut on his neck and he had broken teeth.

The victim said he lost consciousness after being hit and “when he woke up he thought he had gravel in his mouth but it was pieces of his teeth,” the affidavit stated.

A witness who recorded the incident on Millsaps’s phone said Millsaps told her the victim had provoked him, a claim she disputed.

The witness told investigators that the victim “did not even see Millsaps coming and did not know he was going to be hit,” the affidavit stated.

A girl seen pushing Millsaps off the victim at the end of the video said the victim “had a hole in his cheek which may need stitches,” the affidavit states.

He told police “he found the brass knuckles at his apartment complex and after the incident he threw them in the dumpster,” the affidavit stated.

In other reports we have learned that this thug is 16 years-old. Really? At 4 years-old my kid knew better than to throw a cheap shot like that at ANYONE. The boy needs serious consequences if he’s going to learn that is not the way to behave. If he is not taught this lesson now, then as a full grown man, he will be doing tons more damage. Goodness knows, we don’t need anymore adult cowards growing up in society…they might become President too.

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