Tim Tebow Hosts Prom For Children With Special Needs

Tim Tebow Hosts Prom For Children With Special Needs

Tim Tebow is the kind of athlete others should try to mimic. While the NFL is filled with prima donnas and classless stars who need constant attention, Tebow has long preached a simple message: God is great, let’s do His work. Recently, Tebow did exactly that by hosting proms for children with special needs so that they may enjoy a night of magic the likes of which so many of us take for granted.


Everybody deserves to have their night to shine. Quarterback, Tim Tebow, redirected the spotlight and pointed it in the direction of children with special needs during a prom he hosted. Can you imagine all the fun the kings and queens had while celebrating an evening just for them?!

Tim Tebow Foundation gave these beautiful children the royal treatment with Night To Shine. The group came up with the idea to let the kids know they “wanted people with special needs to feel important, to know they’re loved and more importantly to know there is a God that loves them.”

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The event was held internationally, with 200 other proms in 48 states and 8 countries, including Kenya, New Zealand, Ecuador, and Haiti.

This is a terrific story and telling of the kind of man Tebow is.

These kids had a night that they will always remember as they encounter difficulties in this world.

While most of us went to our proms, how many of us, do you think, valued the experience as much as these kids?

We are so thankful for God's bountiful blessings on #NightToShine last night as the world witnessed His love and more…

Posted by Tim Tebow Foundation on Saturday, February 13, 2016

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