Time For ‘Knife Control?’ New York Is Hit By Its Third Random Knife Attack In As Many Weeks

Time For ‘Knife Control?’ New York Is Hit By Its Third Random Knife Attack In As Many Weeks

For those who believe that guns, not people, cause crime, here is a story that should illustrate the folly of such idiocy. New York has been engulfed in a wave of random knife attacks and the cowardly attacks have many on edge. Of course, if New York had sensible Second Amendment laws, residents of the Big Apple might be able to fend-off a knife attack with a trusty Glock. Instead, they’re at the mercy of knife-wielding lunatics.


Another New Yorker has been slashed in the face with a knife in the third knife attack in as many weeks.

Anthony Christopher-Smith, had just come off the subway and was walking along East 6th Street around 4:30 p.m on Sunday afternoon when he was pushed to the ground and knifed across his cheek by the attacker.

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The unprovoked attack left him partially paralyzed in the face and needing more than 150 stitches.

It wasn’t until after he got up that Mr Smith realized he was bleeding and had been slashed with a knifefrom his ear to his jawline.The suspect, meanwhile, had run off.

‘I’m realizing I’m gushing out blood and I’m trying not to panic,’ he told NBC News after leaving Bellevue Hospital Monday night.

‘I couldn’t call 911 because there was so much blood everywhere. My hands were covered, my phone was covered.’

‘I got a decent look, I’ve never seen the person before,’ he said. ‘He looked like he was of an Asian background, little guy, he looked like he had a blade in his hand.’

After eight hours of surgery, doctors managed to patch up the Newark social worker’s face although it remains partially paralyzed on the right side after several nerves were severed.

Doctors have said he should make a full recovery, but it will be between six and nine months before he is able to smile again.

‘I hope somebody gets him,’ he said to NBC4. ‘He needs to be either in the psych ward or at Rikers, or somewhere, but you know, there’s someone who’s clearly deranged on the streets and I hope they get him.’

Mr Smith says he couldn’t understand why his assailant didn’t try to rob him during the attack, instead just casually walking away.

‘He just walked off. He was deranged,’ he told the Daily News.

Police released blurry pictures of the alleged slasher in an attempt to identify him.

He was described as Asian, 20 to 30 years old, 5-feet-6 and 150 pounds, and last seen in a black jacket, black pants and brown boots.

Mr Smith is the latest victim in the city to be slashed since the new year.

Two weeks ago, a 28-year-old New York woman was slashed in the face on New Years day in the Bronx, and then another lady was attacked while walking to work in Chelsea.

On both those occasions, a 41-year-old man was arrested and charged with the attack. He was also linked to several similar attacks across the city in recent months.

Nicole Pagliaro, a 28-year-old graphic designer, believes she was the first of 41-year-old Kari Bazemore’s two victims.

Pagliaro was in her Bronx neighborhood after having dinner with her cousin and his girlfriend when she was attacked.

Her attacker’s family said that Bazemore’s had a 15-year history of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, and had been off his medication since last being released from psychiatric care.

Nikki told Daily Mail Online: ‘I know that the system is messed up. I really hope they start paying attention more to what happens when you don’t deal with something straight away. I hope they can make an example out of this.

‘He’s not mentally stable and hasn’t been for a very long time. I guess he did this to me but am I going to get angry about it?

‘What’s that going to do for me? I just want to get better and stay positive.’

She continued: ‘For now there is relief that he’s not in my neighborhood but I’m concerned this could happen again. If it’s not him it could be somebody else.’

Guns are tools. Knives are tools. Chainsaws are tools. In the wrong hands, any of these tools can be dangerous. It is time we start addressing crime as the product of criminals and stop focusing on the instrument of destruction.

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