Today Show Says You Don’t Need a Gun to Defend Your Home, Suggest Three Ridiculous Alternatives

Today Show Says You Don’t Need a Gun to Defend Your Home, Suggest Three Ridiculous Alternatives


The liberals at the Today Show mean well. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt. But when someone suggests you don’t need a gun during a home invasion because you can just cower, it’s time to realize they just don’t like guns:

While many law-abiding Americans would promptly shoot those trying to break into our homes, “The Today Show” offered a different perspective. Speaking with Wallace Zeins, a retired NYPD detective and former hostage negotiator, the show offered tips for self-defense. Among them were:

Car keys: Zeins advised having car keys nearby so one can activate a car alarm- you know, those annoying sounds we all tend to block-out when in a neighborhood. There was no mention of what people should do if they have no car alarm or don’t park their car in their garage or driveway and that might be out of range.

Wasp spray: Yes- The former police officer advised keeping wasp spray nearby to spray an attacker. Doing so, however, could also create a haze and blind the homeowner and further, not only is wasp spray significantly less-effective than a .45 ACP to the dome, but spraying an assailant with a neurotoxin like wasp spray is against federal law and could open the homeowner up to civil liabilities. On the other hand, not only is shooting an assailant perfectly legal, but after a couple of well-placed rounds hits the assailant, it’s unlikely he will ever be back out on the streets to harm another family.

Cowering: Zeins recommends that if the assailant(s) weren’t scared off by a car alarm and some lunatic with wasp spray, the next-best option is to grovel and offer your cash and valuables and hope they don’t murder you and your entire family. “You want to treat them like royalty.” He added, “On top of that, you don’t want to lie to them.”

So, if someone is threatening your family, cower, treat them like royalty and be honest.

Unreal. I’ll stick with my guns.

What do you think?

Duane Lester

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