Top Five Possible VP Picks For Donald Trump- And People Are NOT Happy…

Top Five Possible VP Picks For Donald Trump- And People Are NOT Happy…

Who would Donald Trump pick as his running mate if he received the nomination? Who would the American people like to see? Who would make him more electable? These are questions that dominate political discussions as we move forward in the primary and the election becomes a slugfest. Below is a short list of who may be considered for the VP nod. Who would you like to see on the ticket?


On more than one occasion, GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump has floated the idea of either Dr. Ben Carsonor Sen. Ted Cruz being his running mate if he earns the nomination.

However, the relationship between Trump and Cruz has soured in the past couple of months, with the billionaire referring to the senator as the “single biggest liar.”

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Here are five candidates that are most likely to be Trump’s VP…

From TheHill:

Chris Christie

Christie has to be at the top of this list because of his high-profile endorsement of Trump.

Once a critic, the New Jersey governor now says Trump will provide the leadership the country needs.

Christie would add executive experience to the ticket and he echoes Trump’s criticisms of Washington.

A counterpoint is that he also seems like a carbon copy of Trump. Both are outspoken East Coasters who have been described as bullies.

Nikki Haley

Haley is a rising star in the Republican Party and the governor received high marks for her handling of the Confederate flag controversy in South Carolina.

She’s frequently named as a leading vice presidential contender, but may be low on Trump’s list after publicly criticizing him.

Haley took a shot at Trump, calling him one of the “angriest voices” in politics in her State of the Union response.

Susana Martinez

Martinez is another lawmaker who’s regularly floated as a potential White House running mate. The U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce endorsed Martinez as a vice presidential candidate.

The New Mexico governor has endorsed Rubio’s campaign and hasn’t said whether she’d vote for Trump if he wins the nomination.

Herman Cain

A Trump-Cain ticket would combine two political outsiders and businessmen.

Cain soared briefly in the GOP presidential campaign four years ago, touting his “9-9-9” tax reform plan. He led the field in October and November of 2011 before falling back.

Cain could help Trump build his support among conservatives while also reaching out to black voters.

Scott Brown

Earlier this year, Trump floated Brown as a running mate, saying he’d make a “very good” vice president.

The former Massachusetts senator, who unsuccessfully ran for Senate in New Hampshire two years ago, endorsed Trump in February.


Both Haley and Martinez have backed Sen. Marco Rubio, so I’m not sure how that plays out. Plus, Haley jabbed Trump in her response to the State of the Union address back in January.

Honestly, I’d think Carson is Trump’s best choice. Two outsiders.

It would seem like NJ Gov. Chris Christie has the Attorney General spot locked up, per Donald Trump, Jr.

In reality, Trump is going to have to partner with someone who has held elected office. While the entrepreneurial vibe is enough to earn Trump some outsider cred, having two elected officials at the top of the executive branch without government experience will open them to significant criticism.

Trump will have to partner with a politically-relevant lawmaker or governor. That leaves Cain and Brown off the short list.

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