Trey Gowdy Trying To Prevent Libyans From Attending Flight, Nuclear Science Schools In U.S.

Trey Gowdy Trying To Prevent Libyans From Attending Flight, Nuclear Science Schools In U.S.

Islamic militants took over the United States embassy in Libya, not long after American personnel were evacuated due to safety concerns. The Obama administration’s response was to lower restrictions against Libyans, which has Trey Gowdy furious and fighting back.


South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy proved this week that he is focused on much more than just his role at the helm of a special committee investigating the 2012 Benghazi attack. Although he announced recently that the first public hearings in that probe are slated for next week, the former prosecutor’s stance on a Libyan threat closer to home has resulted in legislation introduced this week.

According to the Washington Times, Gowdy and other Republican leaders have responded to the Obama administration’s decision to lower restrictions against Libyans training to become pilots and nuclear scientists at schools in the U.S.

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The proposal, also backed by Reps. Jason Chaffetz and Robert Goodlatte, seek to counter Obama’s endorsement of opinions by some in the intelligence community that current restrictions against Libya should be scaled back.

Department of Homeland Security Chief Diplomatic Officer Alan Bersin, for example, argued that the irrefutable threat posed by the nation “does not mean from the standpoint of the Defense Department, the State Department that we should stand back and not work with those people within the government that we can work with.”

While the current administration apparently agrees, Gowdy is more than dubious.

“Is post-revolutionary Libya secure enough to change the rules?” he asked. “Why now?”

Goodlatte concurred, citing the consulate attack and a more recent incident as evidence that Libya continues to pose a real danger to America and the world.

On what planet does it make sense to lower restrictions against a country in which militants just took over our embassy? Only a president that has no interest whatsoever in protecting his country would allow such an idiotic thing to happen.

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