Trump Gets DEVASTATING News – Will You Still Support Him?

Trump Gets DEVASTATING News – Will You Still Support Him?

11 battleground states have released polls and the results don’t bode well for Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump. When compared to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and the woman who might possibly be the only person in the Green Party, Jill Stein, it’s pretty obvious that his bombastic behavior and over-the-top promises aren’t getting him anywhere with voters. Quite the opposite, actually.


From Young Conservatives:

Conservative blogger Sooper Mexican compiled a list of Real Clear Politics polls from battleground states pitting Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton vs. Gary Johnson vs. Jill Stein, and the numbers aren’t looking good for the Republican presidential nominee.

In fact, if these numbers hold up we will most certainly be looking at a third Obama term.

That would be devastating.

From Right Scoop:

Colorado: Hillary +10.5

Florida: Hillary +3.6

Iowa: Clinton +0.2

Michigan: Clinton +9.5

Nevada: Clinton +2.3

New Hampshire: Clinton +8.0

North Carolina: Clinton +3.0

Ohio: Clinton +4.0

Pennsylvania: Clinton +10.0

Virginia: Clinton +11.5

Wisconsin: Clinton +9.0


Trump needs to turn things around, and fast.

However you want to spin this, there is no way that Trump will win with numbers like that. Could it be that these polls are being rigged in Hillary’s favor? Unlikely, but I suppose anything is possible.

One thing is for sure, though, and that is Trump needs to do something quick, because he is sinking faster than the Titanic.

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