Trump Gets GOOD NEWS in Battleground State Michigan

Trump Gets GOOD NEWS in Battleground State Michigan

Mr. Frank Luntz says that he believes Donald Trump has a real good chance of taking Michigan as a win. Who is Luntz? Well, he is an American political consultant and pollster. Who is best known for developing some amazing talking points and other messaging for several different Republican causes. So his opinion as a “public opinion guru” does carry weight.


So, when America saw this tweet coming from Luntz…Trump Supporters saw a light at the end of the tunnel.

“BREAKING: Watch Michigan,” Luntz tweeted Tuesday morning. “Working-class turnout is looking much higher than expected.”

“Trump may actually have a chance.”

This surge of last minute popularity for Trump in Michigan was unforeseen, but very welcomed! In the latest polls taken in Michigan, Donald Trump shows as winning the Great Lake State with 48.5 percent of likely voters, with Hillary coming in at 46.8 percent.

Trump was smart in knowing to campaign heavily in Michigan over the past week all the way through last night where he held a rally in Grand Rapids, which was his last rally of this 2016 race.

Both Hillary Clinton and President Obama also rallied in Michigan on separate occasions in Ann Arbor, Monday.

Just a short couple days up to election day Trump had less than a two point lead, whereas in the beginning of November he was trailing behind Hillary Clinton by as much as 5 points!

This is looking very hopeful right now. However it is never good to count your eggs before they hatch, right? If you pray, then be prayerful we come out as winners after today. If you instead, think good thoughts to create your destiny, then by all means, start pumping out those good vibes on overtime for the win!

Anything you can do, so that we can truly… “Make America Great Again”

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