Trump Insider Drops Bombshell About Giuliani Deal

Trump Insider Drops Bombshell About Giuliani Deal

If these two team up, it could very well squash the Hillary presidential bid before it even truly grows roots. No matter how you feel about Trump, THAT would be a win.


From Conservative Tribune:

Presumed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has promised to keep America safe. Now, he appears to have made a deal with “America’s Mayor” to help do the job.

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The New York Daily News reported that a deal has been struck between Trump and former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani for Giuliani to head the Department of Homeland Security if Trump were to be elected.

“A secret deal has been struck by Donald Trump, and Rudy Giuliani would be head of Homeland Security,” an unnamed GOP insider told the Daily News.

“It’s my understanding that the two have talked directly (and) I know there have been serious talks on both sides,” the insider continued. “I’m told it’s a done deal, but until it’s on paper, I don’t think anyone is counting on anything. Trump is already cutting deals as he moves to solidify his position in the party.”

The deal would make sense. After all, Giuliani endorsed Trump a couple of weeks ago, and previously had very complimentary things to say about The Donald.

“He’s my friend, and I think of the candidates, of the choices that I have, he’s the best choice for president,” Giuliani said before the New York primary.

Gotta love it!

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