Trump is beyond striking a cord with the American people He’s playing the orchestra

Trump is beyond striking a cord with the American people  He’s playing the orchestra

trumpDespite what pundits may say on the Left or Right, Donald Trump’s support is broad based. The corrupt media machine will never admit this. And by the same token, the so-called Conservative Intelligentsia, hello George Will, can’t comprehend it either because the Trump phenomenon is something beyond their state of denial.

I believe Trump has support from Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party, Latinos, African Americans, Conservatives, Libertarians and Independents. It IS NOT just angry White men. That’s a flat out lie told by Trump deniers who have wrongly predicted his demise at least three times. Each group has their own particular reason why they like Trump, but mainly he’s a guy who knows how to get thing done, he’s smart, and speaks plainly outside the PC prism. He’s totally taking control of language in a way other candidates don’t have the heart to do. It’s the Trump Tsunami, baby!

From The Last Tradition

Samuel Gonzalez

Samuel Gonzalez is the editor-in-chief of The Last Tradition, a blog he started in April 2009. Samuel is one of the top Latino bloggers in the country and his blog has been linked by Gateway Pundit, Right Wing News, Instapundit, Legal Insurrection, American Thinker and other top conservative blogs. He's a strong Reagan conservative, a Rush Limbaugh disciple, an unconventional Evangelical who not only takes on Liberal orthodoxy, but also challenges other so-called soft conservatives afraid to buck political correctness.

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