Trump OBLITERATES Race Faker Elizabeth Warren in the Best Way Possible

Trump has never been one to shy away from controversy, and even more impressive can come out of it still on top. Obviously as he’s proven, he also has no problem with making controversial statements that you wouldn’t hear his opponents saying…even if they are thinking it. Well, he’s done it again…

Screenshot 2016-03-16 at 7.13.48 AM

The Hill reported that Warren went on a Twitter rampage in which she called Trump a “loser” and a “serious threat” to America’s national security.

Trump, never one to let someone attack him and walk away unscathed, quickly shot back. When a reporter asked Trump about Warren’s comments, Trump’s response was beautiful.

“You mean the Indian?” Trump replied. “Who’s that? The Indian?”

Trump was referencing Warren’s infamous claim when she was running for Senate that she was a Native American. There has been no proof to back up her rather ludicrous claim, thought that didn’t stop Harvard Law School from playing up Warren’s Native American claims as proof that it hired a diverse faculty.

Trump is just simply, unafraid.

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