TRUMP Supporters Threaten Boycott After Starbucks Makes News AGAIN! [VIDEO]

TRUMP Supporters Threaten Boycott After Starbucks Makes News AGAIN! [VIDEO]

Well it looks like Donald Trump’s supporters are not too happy about the recent Starbucks news. The CEO of the famous coffee chain, Howard Schultz, has just come out in support of Hillary Clinton (after his business decisions these past two years, are we really surprised?) The Republican presidential nominee’s supporters are now calling for a boycott of Starbucks because of his decision to choose a candidate. Here’s what doesn’t give me the butterflies about this whole thing…


I love Capitalism. I love the RIGHT to boycott (not necessarily boycotting itself) if you choose to. But somehow, this move just doesn’t feel ‘American’ to me. It feels petty. It feels like the right is playing the left’s game. Maybe I’m ‘feeling’ too much and not ‘thinking’ enough, but damn…when did we start punishing and making enemies out of each other, all because we disagree on a political candidate?

Politics or maybe an over-saturation of it in our daily lives have made us harder, non trusting and nonbelievers in one another’s goodness…too hippie sounding? Yeah, alright.

After learning about the endorsement of Schultz, Trump fans took to the only place that is as raw…tough as nails…and brutal as any metal caged octagon out there!

Twitter. That’s right. The Twitter Finger gang and the Keyboard Warriors are at it again! Take a look at this one tweet:

And here goes another one…

And one more, just for kicks…

Schultz calls himself a “lifelong Democrat” and this is apparent with his decision to ‘open a dialogue about race’ – a move that quickly crashed and burned when costumers just did not like it.

I suppose this will all work itself out in the end. Schultz has the right to do whatever he wants with his business and with his endorsements, and at the same time Trump supporters can boycott his coffee shops as a reaction… What do you do?

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