Trump Tells America STOP Saying ‘Happy Holidays’ And Start Saying “MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

Trump Tells America STOP Saying ‘Happy Holidays’ And Start Saying “MERRY CHRISTMAS!”


Donald Trump has said a lot of controversial things in his lifetime. And in the course of his campaign, he definitely made some pretty bold and sometimes alarming statements. He continually was given grief over everything he said about immigrants, Islam, women, and more. Speeches were taken apart and reconfigured to paint him in the worse possible light.

But this right here is something that the media cannot mess up. Donald Trump is insistent that the holidays be celebrated. But when it comes to the holiday of Christmas, he is not afraid to say it, “Merry Christmas.” It is amazing that we have even come to a point as a nation where that could be considered politically incorrect.

“The word Christmas,” Trump was quick to assert last fall while campaigning for the Republican presidential nomination, “I love Christmas. I love Christmas. You go to stores, you don’t see the word Christmas. It says happy holidays all over. I say, ‘Where’s Christmas?’ I tell my wife, ‘Don’t go to those stores.’”

“I want to see Christmas. I want to see Christmas.’”

He has never been afraid to make his feelings known. And in this instance, I am one hundred percent behind him. We should not, in America, be afraid to celebrate religious holidays. I want that freedom for every American. Not just Christians. But we cannot sacrifice our religion for others. And that is exactly Donald Trump’s point.

“Other people can have their holidays but Christmas is Christmas,” he continued. “I want to see Merry Christmas. Remember the expression Merry Christmas? You don’t see it anymore! You’re going to see it if I get elected, I can tell you right now.”

And this has been his stand for a long time. A few years ago, he also told Yellowhammer Radio that he goes out of his way to use the word “Christmas.”

“There’s an assault on anything having to [do] with Christianity,” he said.

“They don’t want to use the word ‘Christmas’ anymore at department stores. There’s always lawsuits and unfortunately a lot of those lawsuits are won by the other side.”

Go Trump! And Merry Christmas, y’all!


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