Trump Thinking Of Using SEIZED Assets From Drug Cartels To Pay For… [VIDEO]

Trump Thinking Of Using SEIZED Assets From Drug Cartels To Pay For… [VIDEO]

You got to hand it to him on this one point. He and his team have some creative ways to fund construction of a new big, beautiful, powerful southern border wall. Donald Trump and senior advisers are considering a plethora of ideas. One of these brilliant ideas is to confiscate any cartel drug money in the United States and funnel it directly to the wall.

It’s a crazy bold idea. but is that legally possible?

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Over the last several days, the media has been reporting various takes on the recent meeting between Donald Trump and Mexican President Pena Nieto. Versions of the story vary between Trump portrayed himself as a wuss, while letting Nieto walk all over him, while more Donald Trump friendly news outlets like Fox News have felt impressed with his showing, with statements that he looked in control and leading the little get together.


A senior Trump policy adviser went out of his way to state that the drug money funding was only one option that was on the table, but more ideas of funding were available. But here’s the thing. Trump was just in Mexico. He just met with the Mexican President. So why did the campaign not share that idea during the meeting? Why was it not brought up? The campaign has stated that it seeks to work with Mexico in making the wall happen…I just don’t understand why the wall and the drug money funding wasn’t a part of the discussion.

Proponents of the now coined “make the cartels pay” plan strongly believe that with the implementation of the plan, also comes the added benefit of stopping the “worst of the worst who bring violence to our streets and prey on innocent Mexicans and Americans,” while giving political cover to both Donald Trump and Pena Nieto to carry through their objectives.

That solution could be the key to funding the wall right in the fist term of a Donald Trump Presidency…

But I’m going to call it out and say it ain’t going to happen. Watch and see.

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