Trumps New Executive Order on Terrorist


By: Derek Varsalona



There comes a time in every Presidents administration where the President must keep the nation safe for foreign terrorist. It is the Presidents first job to keep Americans safe from people that may want to harm us. President Donald Trump established a new Executive Order to keep American safe.


Under the policy Americans will be protected from a terrorist attack by improved enforced screening of foreign nationals. Foreign nationals that are suspected of doing harm to the United States will not be allowed into the United States and enhanced screening will be adopted to keep these foreign nationals out. The countries mentioned for expelling foreign nationals are Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Iran, Sudan and Syria. All of these countries pose a risk for potential terrorist attacks as they are hot bed for terrorism training and state sponsored terrorism. ISIS and Al-Qaeda are already training terrorist in Yemen and Syria.


One of the major policies for keeping terrorist out of the United States is timed reporting to President Trump. Under the Executive Order both the Secretary of State and Secretary of Homeland Security will provide the first joint report in 60 days, the second joint report in 90 days and the third joint in 120 days and the fourth joint report in 150 days after the adoption of the Executive Order.


There will also be special circumstances where someone can enter this nation. The special circumstance for letting foreign nationals from those countries in is if there is a hardship. I am a little concerned about this since anyone could declare anything as a hardship and therefore we need tighter screening.


President Donald Trump has the right idea in screening potential terrorist from entering this nation. We need to have tighter background checks for people from the countries listed above since those countries are trying to do as harm. Not everyone coming from these countries are terrorist. But tighter background checks will keep Americans safe from people that want to do us harm.


Donald Trump has right idea on Executive Order. Phot Credit: Right Wing

Derek Varsalona

I have a mild Case of Cerebral Palsy and am very politically active

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