Tutor Whose Life Was Ruined By Teen Fantasist Who Faked Cancer Says ‘If I saw Her I’d Strangle Her’

Tutor Whose Life Was Ruined By Teen Fantasist Who Faked Cancer Says ‘If I saw Her I’d Strangle Her’

49-year-old tutor Sally Retallack gave up her whole life to care for a young lady who claimed to have terminal kidney cancer, only to find out that she was LYING about the disease!


From The Daily Mail:

A college tutor who lost everything after being duped by a young fantasist who faked terminal kidney cancer said today: ‘I thought she was helpless – but she’s just an evil cow’.

Sally Retallack, 49, cared for student Elisa Bianco, 22, believing she had three months to live, and it cost her her Cornish home, job and 20-year marriage to husband Ralph.

Bianco was jailed for two years eight months and mother-of-four Mrs Retallack now lives alone in France because the ‘devious, manipulative sociopath’ wrecked her life.

Mrs Retallack, 49, told The Sun: ‘She’s a complete sociopath. She’s frighteningly intelligent and coldly calculating, like Hannibal Lecter. She lived and breathed her lies 24/7 and had everyone fooled.’

‘I thought she was a helpless little girl but she’s just an evil little cow.

‘If I saw her now I think I’d strangle her. She’s ruined my life and the anger I feel sometimes is overwhelming.’

Bianco pleaded guilty to stalking, causing serious alarm or distress and was jailed for two years and eight months last month.

The scale of her lies were revealed at Truro Crown Court  where Mrs Retallack sobbed as she told the judge Bianco’s deception left her with ‘no career, no husband and little self confidence’.

Bianco met Sally when she enrolled on a college course taught by the health and social care tutor in 2009.

Before they met Mrs Retallack described herself as an ‘outgoing, positive, career minded individual’ – but the student gradually took control of her life.

Mrs Retallack became her personal tutor in the second year and lied that her mother and step-father were alcoholics.

Later she turned up at Mrs Retallack’s house she only had three months to live and had nowhere else to go when she begged Sally Retallack, 49, for permission to stay at her house.

The court heard that Bianco, who had realised that her tutor was naive, concocted an extraordinary number of lies, including that kidney cancer would soon take her life.

Her former tutor would drop her at hospital most days but the then teenager had just gone to the canteen and covered herself in bandages. On one occasion she had even claimed that she had a kidney removed.

She also claimed that bloodflow problems meant her hands were numb – allowing people to put metal pins in her hands – and would put a plastic bottle under her clothes to make it sound like her ribs cracked.

Mrs Retallack was so concerned she gave her a small bell to ring if she wanted anything and gave her her daughter’s bedroom to sleep in.

Bianco became an ‘uninvited cuckoo’ in the home and used mind games to drive a wedge between Sally and her husband Ralph- which eventually saw them split, the court heard.

Mrs Retallack gave up her job to care for Bianco, showered her with expensive trips and threw her a ‘goodbye’ birthday party.

Truro Crown Court heard Bianco, 22, then set Mrs Retallack up with a ‘recently widowed’ consultant physician ‘John’, who was actually her using a ‘husky’ voice and fake email address.

She had five phones and two laptops as well as software to lower her voice to convince her victim that ‘John’ was a real man.

Many of the email messages were written as they sat in her lounge together but the teacher was hoodwinked.

She told The Sun: ‘I felt like a lovestruck teenager and went out and bought sexy lingerie. I couldn’t think of anything else.’

Sally and ‘John’ became close and exchanged a series of intimate emails – but Bianco invented a cancer diagnosis for the internet lover and killed him off before they could meet.

Mrs Retallack said:  ‘I grieved massively for Jon. He was absolutely real to me. But all the time it was just this stupid little kid sitting opposite me on the sofa. I thought she was just mucking about on Facebook like all teenagers do, but in reality she was playing a sick game’.

The court heard he ‘seemed the perfect man’ and their correspondence became ‘intimate’ but when they arranged to meet he said he had lung cancer.

‘In fact, all the emails and all this contact with the consultant were a complete fiction invented and maintained, day after day, by the defendant,’ Mr Lee said.

Oh this girl is absolutely sick alright, but it has nothing to do with her body, and everything to do with her twisted mind.

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