Tweet Fight Over Earmarks

So Senators using Twitter are giving constituents a peak behind conference doors. Evidently, it’s unpleasant. Not surprising. A room full of politicians….anyway. Here’s the kerfluffle as reported by AirCongress:

The Arizona Republican posted his first anti-pork list under the Twitter name @SenJohnMcCain late last week, calling attention to projects like $650,000 for beaver management and $1.7 million for pig odor research. He brought the Top 10 list “back by popular demand” the first two days of this week. The project in the No. 1 slot today: “$951,500 for the Oregon Solar Highway.”

That dishonor didn’t sit well with Democratic Rep. Earl Blumenauer, whose home state stands to benefit from the earmark. Tweeting as @repblumenauer, he mocked McCain.

Telling ya. If you’re not on Twitter, you’re missing some good stuff. Join me, @MelissaTweets, today!

H/T Enlightened Redneck, Danny Glover

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