Twisted boyfriend bit partner’s nose and threw knife in her face during brutal attack

Twisted boyfriend bit partner’s nose and threw knife in her face during brutal attack

Usually a girl expects chocolate and flowers on Valentines Day but what this girl got was unexpected. A battered girlfriend has told how she thought her twisted partner would kill her after he subjected her to a brutal 90-minute attack on Valentine’s Day.


Tammy Armstrong was battered with a brick, bitten and stabbed by Kieron Hardy – because she wanted to go out without him.

During her 90-minute ordeal, raging Hardy tore off Tammy’s dress, bit her left eyebrow, threw a knife into her face, hucked a computer and music decks at her and sank his teeth into her nose. When Tammy finally escaped by clambering through a kitchen window, he followed her, picked up a brick and threw it at her head as she cowered on the ground.

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Now former ‘Scotswood Hoodie’ Hardy, 22, who also stabbed Tammy’s friend in the tummy on Christmas Day, has been jailed for seven years. And after seeing her former partner locked up at Newcastle Crown Court, Tammy told how she feared she would die in the February 14 attack. The 25-year-old told the Newcastle Chronicle,: “If I hadn’t got away I think he would have killed me.

“The blood was pouring out of my lip. He said he was going to kill me and I thought he would. I really thought I would be dead. He bit my nose and tried to bite my eyebrow off. He said, ‘If I can’t have you no one will.’

He has been in and out of prison most of his adult life and Tammy, a mum, from Newcastle, was aware of her new lover’s reputation. But although he had a long criminal record, Hardy had not been convicted of violence against a partner before, so Tammy never imagined he would hurt her.

This kind of violence is unimaginable and a 7 year prison sentence isn’t long enough. I’d hate to be around when this monster emerges from prison a grown man. *shudder*

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