Two Teens FIST FIGHT In The Street…Until One Is RAN OVER By A Van! [VIDEO]

Two Teens FIST FIGHT In The Street…Until One Is RAN OVER By A Van! [VIDEO]

Fighting in the street is never a good idea…you know, with speeding hunks of metal rolling by. It doesn’t take a genius to realize this. It also doesn’t take a normal human being to realize this.


I mean, a bird even knows this…but apparently these two hot headed youths were too busy swinging at each other to realize that one of them was going to be a target for a hit-and-run!

This video displays a throw down between two knuckleheads in Mexico being brought to an abrupt end when one of them gets ran over by a passing van.

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One of the two fighters, who look to be in their young teens, is nicknamed El Mameitor. Both are going toe-to-toe fighting bareback in the middle of the street…because that’s what you do in a fight, I guess?

They are encircled about by one of the teen’s friends who shouts and prods the fighter on. The two continue to throw a quick series of combinations at each other, but as the fighter wearing black pants jumps backwards, a white van is seen rolling towards them – and shows no sign of slowing down!

Now keep an eye on the teen as the vehicle clips him as it passes. He falls down on the road and as the back tires go by, one side seems to run his foot right over.


Next thing you see is the kid squirming in excruciating pain on the road as his friends rush to give him aid. He is helped up and starts to limp away, clearly not interested in continuing his fight as the pain is just too much.

The video was posted on a Facebook group created by Denuncia Ecatepec, who attempts to use social media to help reduce crime.

The man who posted the video also left the following message:

‘Youngsters, we are not going to tell you not to fight, the simple fact that testosterone exists means that you’re unlikely to take any notice, but please don’t fight in the middle of the street. The leg of Mameitor gives you an example of why it’s a bad idea.’

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