U.S. Bombs ISIS Headquarters After Jihadi Tweets Brag

U.S. Bombs ISIS Headquarters After Jihadi Tweets Brag

People are starting to learn what they should and shouldn’t post on social media.  In the case of ISIS, they’re learning the hard way


Air Force Gen. Hawk Carlisle, head of Air Combat Command, described Monday how airmen at Hurlburt Field, Florida, with the 361st Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group, recognized a comment on social media and turned that into an airstrike that resulted in three Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) missiles destroying am Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) headquarters building.

“It was a post on social media to bombs on target in less than 24 hours,” Carlisle said. “Incredible work when you think about.”

Excellent work by the Air Force.  Though, something rubs me wrong that our intelligence gathering now includes trolling people on Facebook and Twitter.

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