Uh Oh! Trump Campaign Is In Dire Need Of Money, Pleads ‘Emergency’ For Donations!

Uh Oh! Trump Campaign Is In Dire Need Of Money, Pleads ‘Emergency’ For Donations!

Well, despite his claims to the contrary, it appears Trump is not quite as “self funding” as he used to be. His campaign has been sending out requests for donations. With Trump, The American public up until this point has been spared the letters asking for funds. But it couldn’t last forever.

From RedState:

From the Hill:

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“Right now we’re facing an emergency goal of $100,000 to help get our ads on the air,” the email said. “We need your contribution by 11:59 P.M. Tonight.”

“Crooked Hillary is about to invade your TV with ads attacking Mr. Trump. But we’re preparing to fight back,” it reads, adding that the campaign plans to attack Clinton over her role in Benghazi and the FBI probe into her use of a private email server while secretary of state.

The rest of the candidates have been dunning the public for money throughout the entire primary election cycle. Not so with Trump. But if Trump is your guy, even though he has not asked previously, he needs your help…now, according to the requests. So donate if you’d like. But if Trump isn’t your guy, you may be snickering at what you think is poetic justice for the self proclaimed “self funding” candidate. Either way, Trump is asking for money and it’s not a huge surprise. Campaigns are expensive.


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